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    Explore delt headquarters

    The beginning of something great

    When DELT was founded, their primary services were web design and SEO. Since then, they have expanded their services and added other branding services such as graphic designs, logo designs, social media services, marketing and several other services that have helped both them and their customers grow.

    After moving out of our office in Downtown St. Louis, DELT’s current office is located in South County, St. Louis, Missouri in the Mehlville / Oakville area.

    St. Louis office design
    Office putting green

    Meet the team

    Matt bio pic

    Matt McKenna

    Owner and founder

    Evan bio pick

    Evan Kinkade

    Cloud services and development

    Peter bio pic

    Peter Furlow

    Marketing and SEO

    Steph bio pic

    Stephanie Trudell

    Social media and content creation

    Adam bio pic

    Adam McChesney

    Sales and business development

    Megan bio pic

    Megan Lattanzi

    Website design and development

    Missy bio pic

    Missy Elliot

    Debt collector

    St. Louis office design
    USA flag in office
    Office movie posters

    The story of DELT

    At an early age I lost 2 of my very close friends. I met Dominic Elking in grade school at St. Marks Grade School. Over the course of 3 years, he became one of the best friends I ever had, and we planned both planned on going to Vianney High School together. In 2006, just weeks before our 8th grade graduation, Dominic passed away in a tragic accident.

    I met Tyler Sindelar, also known as “LT”, the summer before my freshman year of high school. We were both going to Vianney and met through mutual friends. The next few years, we were together almost every day. After high school LT went to Mizzou, and in 2012, passed away tragically.

    When I made the decision to go my own way, and start my own business, I wanted my company’s name to have special meaning to me. Using Dominic’s initials, “DE”, and Tyler’s nickname, “LT”, I decided that would be no better name for my company than DELT.

    Dominic Elking Tyler Sindelar

    -Matt McKenna, DELT Founder