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10 Best College Football Uniform Designs of 2016

February 22, 2017

Football is one of the United States’ greatest pastimes. There’s something great about gathering up the kids, firing up the 70-inch 4k TV, and getting a high-def look at a grown man sexually thrusting his package in celebration of tackling another man.  

sexy football

I like to think Walter Camp is looking down from Heaven, tears rolling down his face, giving a nod of approval knowing he invented something this beautiful.

I consider myself an extremely dedicated football fan. From time to time I even watch actual games rather than just highlights like the one above.

I love watching my teams play. I love seeing what recruits they bring in or what players they sign during the off-season.

Having lived my entire life in St. Louis, when I heard the  news that money-grubbing whore, Stan Kronke, was moving my beloved Rams to LA, I was devastated.

While I was sad St. Louis would no longer have a football team, I did find a small victory in no longer having to see Kronke’s face on my TV every Sunday.

Seriously, that guy scares the shit out of me… Like is he sick or is the skin on his face just deciding to desert him like he deserted St. Louis?

But I’ve digressed.

Now that the Ram’s are gone one of my favorite things to see is the unveiling of new College Football uniforms each year.

Spending most of my days designing websites, graphics, and print, I take great appreciation in the design of football uniforms.

Roger Goodell has done a good job making the NFL as horrible as possible. Players cannot even wear their own cleats so the odds of teams unveiling new jerseys each year are pretty slim.

And while the NCAA is not far behind the NFL, Universities are allowed to chose their sponsor and design their uniforms however they want.

Below is a somewhat biased list of the 10 best College Football Jersey Designs of 2016.

While I do have my favorite teams who are on the list (Oregon and Notre Dame), my like or dislike for other teams was pushed to the side while deciding the rest of the teams.

10 Michigan State’s Alternative Jerseys

Michigan state alternative jerseys

9 Air Force WW2 “Flying Tigers” Helmets

Air force world war 2 football jerseys

8 Purdue’s Grey and Black Uniforms

best college football uniforms 2016 - purdue

7 Mississippi State’s Veteran’s Day Uniforms

best college football jerseys 2016- mississippi state veterans day

6 North Carolina’s Carolina Blue Uniforms

UNC Football jerseys 2016

5 Notre Dame’s Shamrock Series Uniforms

notre dame shamrock series jerseys

4 Boise State’s All White Uniforms & Helmet

Boise State White Uniforms

3 Oregon’s Puddle / Duck Themed Uniforms

oregons duck uniforms

2 University of Central Florida’s Black Jerseys

UCF football jersey 2016

1 Washington University’s Entire Set

best college football jersey designs 2016

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