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    Cost-efficient online advertising on platforms like Google Adwords, Facebook, and Twitter.

    DELT does extensive research within your industry and customer base before we begin our ad campaigns.

    We want to make sure we have the most cost effective strategy in place so you get the most out of your budget.

    We also want to make sure we find the best outlets to use to run the advertisements in so we are not wasting time or money using an ineffective platform. DELT also offers graphic design services so, if you would like to use a visual ad, you have the perfect ad design to attract current and new customers.

    Our online ad campaign services include includes:

    Google Adwords / Pay-Per-Click Services

    Using keyword research tools we find the most effective and cost-efficient keywords and phrases for Google Adwords campaign. We keep track of what clicks are converting into sales and then implement those keywords throughout your website to help boost your organic search engine rankings.

    Google Remarketing Advertising Services

    Google Remarketing helps to continually remind customers about your products or services. Once they have visited your site they will be continually hit with ads for your business.

    Facebook Advertising Services

    Facebook ads have turned out to be the most effect SEM tool we use for some of our businesses. It not only markets your business and its Facebook page, but also helps create a core brand for your company and gets customers clicking to your website.

    Facebook Page Like Campaigns

    Like Facebook Ad campaigns, a Facebook Page Like campaign helps increase your popularity on one of the most popular online marketing tools in the world.

    YouTube Advertising Services

    Whether you already have a video or need one created, we can utilized the increasingly popular video ads that help illustrate your business.

    Bing Advertising Services

    Believe it or not, people do still use Bing. Running ad campaigns via Bing can sometimes be a less expensive way to target customers shopping online.

    Running an effective online, or digital, ad campaign is not easy. The proper research must be done to ensure you are targeting the appropriate market and not spending too much money in the process.

    Attract more visitors to your website with digital advertising

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