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    Bring your SEO and digital marketing efforts in-house with proper SEO consulting.

    Our SEO consulting services teachesĀ one or multiple members of your marketing team everything they need to know about SEO and running an online marketing campaign for your website.

    We have said all along, the best person to run a company’s search engine optimization campaign is an in-house employee. SEO is something that takes a lot of time to master, and sometimes is not worth the trouble of doing for a business to do on their own. That is why they need to hire SEO agencies.

    As SEO consultants we perform indepth research about your company and customers.

    When we perform our SEO services, we spend a great deal of time learning about our client’s business, their customers, and the industry they are in. That way, we can be as effective as possible when we begin our SEO services or create one of our SEO web designs.

    If a client does with to run their SEO and marketing campaign internally, we can give them all of the tools and tricks they need as well as the perfect strategy and how to implement it.

    Below is a simplified version of our SEO consulting process

    Meet with our client

    Like all of our services, we start with a free, initial consultation. We go over their needs / concerns and what their plan is for their SEO consultations. During this step, we find out important information like keywords they want to target and whether they need local SEO or national SEO targeting. Whether it is on the phone, over email, or in person, we get all of the information we need to determine what our SEO consulting classes will consist of.

    SEO keyword research & strategy planning

    After our initial meeting, we go back to the DELT headquarters and get to work. Using the information we gathered from our consultation, and the in-depth research and keyword analysis, we are able to put together our SEO consulting proposal.

    Begin SEO consulting

    The number of classes, and length of the classes, will depend on our client’s budget and needs. They also have the ability to choose whether we teach a single employee or multiple employees.

    Our consulting will consist of explaining different SEO services and which ones we think will be beneficial for their business. We then a comprehensive explanation of those services, how to perform them, and how often. We also provide the tips and tricks we have learned over the years that make SEO easier and get results faster.

    After the class is over we provide detailed documents with the information we have provided that our clients can reference during their ongoing search engine optimization and marketing campaigns.

    DELT's SEO consulting is the perfect package for businesses who want a sustainable SEO and inbound marketing strategy, and want to run their SEO services in-house.

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