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    Lead pages can give a huge boost to any marketing campaign looking to capture more leads or generate more sales online.

    Lead pages are also know as conversion pages, landing pages, and squeeze pages.

    We’re gonna call them lead pages. Lead pages are individual pages on websites created to market, promote, or inform customers about a product, deal, or offer you want to highlight.

    We find out exactly what it takes to get your customers to convert, and incorporate it into the lead pages we design and develop

    What is a lead page used for?

    Your website gives your customers a wide-range of information about your business. A lead page is basically a separate site from your website.

    A landing page is basically a digital brochure or in-depth online ad. It helps explain something you want to sell, and give the readers all of the information they need. It then tells them why they need it, and how they will benefit from it.

    Finally, we give them clear, simple instructions on what they need to do to sign up or buy via the landing page’s shopping cart or contact form.

    Common uses for lead pages include:

    • Promoting a sale or a giveaway
    • Highlighting a service or product
    • Gathering contact information for a marketing campaign
    • Getting contact information so you can contact them

    DELT creates informative squeeze pages that extract whatever you want from your customers.

    Often times, we are hired by our clients to then promote these pages through various outlets like Facebook Ad Campaigns, Google Adwords, and email marketing.

    Depending on the industry, we find the best platform to run the marketing campaign. We research your customers and find the most effective way to attract them to the landing page we have designed.

    A lead or conversion pages is single web pages built to promote your product or service and convert clicks into sales. We design and develop our landing pages to fit in perfectly with your current website and marketing campaign.

    Get the perfect lead page for your online marketing campaign