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    Free web hosting consultation

    Affordable web hosting solutions for St. Louis businesses

    DELT is a St. Louis-based creative agency that offers website hosting for businesses all over the United States. We take the stress out of your website and email hosting by taking over all of your responsibilities. We take care of your website so you can worry about your business. Along with hosting and web design, we also handle website maintenance services to keep your website up-to-date for a low monthly cost.

    The perks of DELT web hosting services

    Completely stress free web hosting solutions

    DELT takes all of the stress out of your web hosting experience. We maintain all of your website’s files and email addresses. We help you pick the very best hosting option for your website and emails. Even if you don’t know anything about hosting, we can figure out exactly what you need so you don’t ever have to worry about your website again!

    Windows, Linux, and Wordpress web hosting

    We offer quality hosting for all major server types. Whether it’s Windows, Linux, or WordPress, we can handle your website’s transfer and hosting. We also offer hosting for different server types like shared and virtual private servers. We will work with you to find out exactly what your website needs.

    Free website and email transferring

    Transferring your website to a new hosting provider can be scary and dangerous. If you don’t know what you’re doing, your site is at risk of downtime or being ruined completely. DELT offers free website hosting transfers to anyone that signs up for our web hosting. We do all of our transfers late at night so no one is on your website while the DNS and propagation period period set and the downtime is as limited as possible.

    Small and large business web hosting

    We provide our web hosting services for individuals, small businesses, marketing agencies, and large companies. We have a wide range of packages so, no matter how big or how many websites you have, we can take care of your web and email hosting needs at an affordable monthly or annual cost.

    Website hosting and maintenance packages

    Small business web hosting

    Perfect for any business with a single website looking to relieve their stress of web hosting. We take care of all of your websites needs for a low monthly cost.

    Large business web hosting

    Have a website with a lot of files and images? We offer a wide range of server and hosting options so your website is as fast as possible, no matter how large the pages or how much traffic it attracts.

    Marketing agency web hosting

    We created this package after we began working with different marketing agencies who wanted the ability to offer web design, maintenance, and hosting, but didn’t have the ability or time to maintain all of their client’s websites.

    Creative + web hosting

    The Creative Web Hosting Package is perfect for businesses who need website hosting and updates and frequent creative services. In addition to hosting and maintenance, we create graphic and print designs that you need on a weekly basis. Perfect for companies who need ads, fliers, or anything else that needs a great design.

    WordPress web hosting

    The WordPress Hosting packages are perfect for businesses with a WordPress site they want to be as fast as possible. Our WordPress Hosting websites are put on a special server designed just for WordPress websites.

    Web hosting + website maintenance

    Have a website that needs daily or monthly updates? Our low-cost website maintenance and update packages keeps your website up-to-date and your customers informed.

    Free web hosting quote