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    St. Louis, Missouri

    A responsive brewery web design concept

    Anheuser Busch is the largest brewing company in the world. We created a concept web design that is more suitable for the world’s leading brewery. We focused on large imagery and a more social approach to enhance the website’s user experience. We designed a modern layout that still focuses on their traditional style and personality.

    Being a St. Louis-based company, and avid beer drinkers, we are strong supports for all things St. Louis. Anheuser Busch is the leading brewery in the world and does great things for the St. Louis economy.

    Anheuser Busch has an extremely strong marketing campaign with commercials, events, and promotions.

    They also have more up-to-date mini-sites for most of their individual beer websites that displays their social media posts and advertising campaigns.

    Their main site, anheuser-busch.com, has not seen a UX design in quite some time. Their web design has yet to be modified with a responsive design and there is a lot of updating that needs to be done.

    Anheuser Busch is a DELT-company favorite and we chose to create a concept web design for anheuser-busch.com in between projects. While it is just a concept, we are certain our design would help AB get an updated digital look and could be used as a better source of information for customers browsing their website.

    We created a more up-to-date web design that allows for easier navigation and larger imagery. There is a lot we plan to clean up and add to the website’s design, and we will do so eventually. Since it is just a concept, and a project we did in our spare time, we did not take any real photographs so we were limited to what we could find on their current site, and in Google Images.

    Brewery Web Design

    Beers Page Web Design


    Bud Light beer web design

    Budweiser beer web design concept

    We made the homepage’s design and layout much more user friendly looking to upgrade the web sites user experience. We used large imagery and a more spacious layout to spread things out and a grid at the bottom with links and photos to their social media pages.

    Red white black web design

    Having such a wide variety of beers, we made the beers page as simple as possible. We designed an image-heavy layout with some of their beer cans on top of boxes matching their can or logo. When a beer is clicked, the box will expand to a full screen layout like the pages below.

    Beers web design

    As mentioned above, once the image of a beer is clicked, it would expand to contain several images and a full, scrollable description for that beer. Underneath is a horizontal scrolling section with all of Anheuser Busch’s beers that act as a navigation to link to other beers. In order to make the user’s experience as pleasant as possible, our web design would contain all of this information within the browser’s viewport height so no scrolling would be necessary.

    Blue beer web design bud light concept red beer page web design st louis

    For the responsive design we kept things large, but still grouped them to fit within the height of the browsers screen. The responsive web design will be extremely beneficial for Anheuser Busch’s customers if they were to browse using our web design.

    Responsive brewery web design st louis

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