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    Columbia, MO

    Energy blog design and development

    We transformed EnergyLink’s old blog with a brand new website we designed and developed on a custom WordPress build.

    EnergyLink is one of our oldest clients and, due to a change in their business plan and brand, they needed an update to their very popular blog, The Pulse.

    We met with EnergyLink mid 2016 about designing and developing a new blog for their brand. Since we are also heavily involved in the content creation, blogging services, and online marketing strategy, we had a fairly large input in the blog’s design and layout.

    The main focus of the blog is the attract customers looking for energy investment or energy management resources. The Pulse is also EnergyLink’s primary source for case studies and project results, so several page templates had to be developed to display the different types of pages. Along with a clean layout with a smooth for user experience design, we also put an extra emphasis on social media marketing and email marketing.

    We made social sharing as easy as possible with share icons on the sides of blog posts and at the bottom of the post as well. We also added newsletter subscription forms and eBook downloads throughout each page as well. The final focus was on an easy-to-use, responsive design. We integrated The Pulse’s WordPress development with an Accelerated Mobile pages integration.

    We have started a new online marketing and blogging campaign recently. Once we have sufficient data from our work we will be creating a complete case study for our results.

    Below are the results from our web design and development efforts. You can also visit the website at news.goenergylink.com.

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