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    St. Louis, Missouri

    Fitness company logo design

    Relentless Fitness is a St. Louis-based fitness organization. After speaking with several creative agencies in St. Louis, looking through portfolios, and inspecting proposals, Relentless Fitness decided DELT was the perfect company to hire as their logo designers.

    After speaking with the RF team, we were able to get a better idea of exactly what they were looking for. They sent several of the designs they received from previous logo designers in St. Louis, but none of them fit their needs. The one thing they knew they wanted in their logo was a lion. They felt it was the best way to symbolize their work and their company as a whole. We send several sketches, fonts and color schemes for them to sort through.

    We were able to get one step closer to a completed logo when they narrowed their choices down to 4 logos (out of an initial 12). With the 4 top choices selected, we began to digitally create these logos and, after several modifications to size, font, and layout, we were able to provide Relentless Fitness with their perfect logo.

    Once the logo was finalized we sent designs for business cards and other print material that they intend to use in the future. Their logos will also be used for their t-shirts, hats and much more.

    Fitness company logo design

    Full color logo design

    fitness lion logo design

    Full black and white logo design

    Red lion logo design

    Stand alone / mark in color

    RF Logo design

    Stand alone text only logo design

    Initial business card design

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