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    St. Louis, Missouri

    Law Firm Web design & SEO

    In 2014, when McChesney & Ortwerth finalized their plans to expand their services to include a divorce and family law sector, they decided they wanted to try a new digital marketing agency.

    Since their personal injury branch was founded, they had been using a lawyer-specific marketing firm that works with thousands of law firms across the United States. While they are very familiar with the legal industry, their results weren’t living up to McChesney & Ortwerth’s expectations.

    As we analyzed their current marketing position, and where they would end up in the future, we realized their were a lot of additional digital marketing efforts that needed to be made in order to start seeing a more visible place within their industry.

    Managing partner Brian McChesney met with us numerous times to discuss his options and our strategy. In the end they decided on a 3 month trial period for their new divorce and family law branch.

    The website

    Timeframe: 3 weeks
    Platform/CMS: Bootstrap & custom WordPress development
    Redesign: No
    URL: www.gatewaydivorcelaw.com

    Web design and development

    After analyzing the industry, keywords, and competition, we decided it would be best to build a separate website for the divorce and family law practice.

    Our research told us the two branches’ websites were going to need be designed with different conversion tactics and, obviously, targeting different words.

    The divorce and family law website needed to be a text-heavy site, yet not so dull it leads potential clients away. We used a color scheme very similar to their current personal injury website, but added a tint of gold throughout to highlight calls-to-action.

    Along with a conversion-focused design, we also did a lot of research before implementing our on-site SEO and local SEO optimization.

    Our web design and development services put a lot of emphasis on a responsive web design and a custom WordPress theme that allowed for easy maintenance and updates.

    Twitter Bootstrap to make updating things like the blog and company news easier. The final design featured a boxed-in layout using a bit of material style design for things like buttons and forms.

    lawyer web design Lawyer web designers St. Louis Law firm website designers

    The responsive web design featured easy-to-use contact forms and the phone number visible throughout the website so clients could easily call or email.

    Responsive lawyer web design

    SEO & marketing

    Tools: Facebook, Google Adwords, Google +
    Ongoing: Yes
    Time spent: 2 years

    SEO and marketing results

    There are over 50 divorce and family law firms in St. Louis alone, so being able to outrank these older websites was a very difficult challenge.

    Out keyword research helped us indentify a lot of keywords that were not being targeted by their competition. Utilizing those keywords in our on-site SEO made a huge difference in the amount of time it took to start seeing local search traffic.

    Other search engine optimization and inbound marketing services we performed include: local SEO targeting, Facebook Advertising services, social media marketing, search engine marketing, Google Adwords services, and blogging services.

    Two other crucial services we focused on was a quality link building campaign, and a Facebook Page Like campaign.

    Our Facebook Page Like advertising campaign allowed us to develop a core brand in the local market. Along with our paid Like campaign, we were also able to attract organic likes with a St. Louis-targeted social media marketing campaign.

    Our link building services has been the most beneficial service we provided in terms of search engine rankings. We were able to create relationships with relevant blogs and websites to build quality links and build the domain authority of gatewaydivorcelaw.com.

    Within the 2 weeks Gateway Divorce Law started to receive phone calls inquiring about their free consultation. Our SEO and marketing services gave them their biggest year, in terms amount of cases, in the entirety of their company’s life.

    Facebook page likes in the first 2 years

    First page rankings for targeted keywords

    Average weekly website conversions

    Creative & branding

    Outlets: Facebook, Google +, Twitter
    Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator

    Branding & designs

    Wanting to upgrade their logo and business cards, we utilized our branding and design services to create a custom logo design that modified their current logo to a more up-to-date font, but kept a simple design.

    Once we finalized the logo, we sent print design mock ups for things like stationary, business cards, window stickers, etc.

    The final logo was one we both felt could be universally used across all of their print and digital brands.

    Lawyer Logo design st. louis

    Client testimonial

    “We used the same digital marketing agency for our personal injury website for almost 5 years, but the results were just not there. When we started our divorce and family law branch we hired DELT to design us a website and handle our SEO and online marketing tasks. We were so pleased with the results we ended our contract with our current SEO agency early and handed all of our personal injury marketing over to DELT.”

    “We needed a website that worked well on phones and they definitely delivered. Our website looks outstanding and our monthly phone calls are higher than the last three years combined. DELT has truly been a game-changer for our law firm and we continue to recommend them every chance we get.”

    – Brian McChesney, Managing Partner

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