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    Des Moines, Iowa

    National marketing & web design

    ParadisePad is one of the largest foam water pad manufacturers in the United States. They are known for having the most durable water pads on the market and are the only manufacturer to offer multiple colors for their rafts.

    Founded in 2014 by Austin Hayden, ParadisePad started as a family owned business located in Des Moines, Iowa.

    Shortly after the first ParadisePad was manufactured, it quickly started gaining popularity within their hometown and local boat shows. A couple months later they were selected as finalists to appear on Shark Tank, and realized they needed to build their brand quickly.

    They had an amazing product that continued to gain popularity by word of mouth, but knew if they wanted to take over the industry they needed to dominate the online circuit.

    ParadisePad came to us in 2014 as a startup needing a more user-friendly and responsive web design and increased exposure in search engines. They were one of our first client’s and, to be honest, building a digital marketing campaign from the ground up had us a little scared.

    Their plan was to expand from Des Moines, and a few smaller bordering cities and States, to 5-6 over the new two years.

    We quickly found out that our digital marketing campaign would have to compete with national (and worldwide) powerhouse companies like Amazon and Wal-Mart.

    To be completely honest, we were just hoping to make a dent in the foam water pad / water raft industry. DELT was only 2 months old when we started our contract with ParadisePad and, while we had plenty of ideas, we had never handled a project of this size.

    As you’ll see in our results below, our web design and development and SEO services not only exceeded the ParadisePad’s expectations, we exceeded our own. We had plenty of approaches that just didn’t get the results we expected, but once we discovered a completely innovative approach to take in our SEO and marketing campaign, we realized we were really on to something.

    The website

    Framework: Bootstrap
    Timeframe: 5.5 weeks
    URL: www.paradisepad.com

    Web design and development

    Their old website was a basic, informational site that was similar to many of their competitors.

    We realized their competition had out-of-date  websites that put little to no focus on their user’s experience, and almost none of them were build responsive.

    We knew that giving them a professional-looking and responsive web design would be an provide a huge boost in terms of appearance.

    Our main goals were to focus on a professional web design but still have a fun element to it. We used a bright, orange and blue color scheme and with complementary colors like yellow and red that also matched the color of their products.

    To display the superiority their product offers, we used large imagery to show, not only the ParadisePad itself, but also a large assortment of photos taken of customers using it.

    Since they do not sell the products individually, the primary focus of the website is to inform consumers about their product and why it is superior, and, most importantly, get distributors to contact them.

    ParadisePad’s new website puts them ahead of their competition by a mile. Not only did they see an increase in conversions, but our SEO-driven framework has them ranking nationally for every keyword we have targeted.

    ParadisePad orange and blue web design and development Colorful single product web design about us page web design Full screen navigation web design contact us page design

    We developed a custom Bootstrap website built for fast page speed and allows easy updates to the gallery and products page.

    product page web design

    best web design display

    To display all of the different colors the ParadisePad comes in, we developed a custom Jquery product display that allows customers to easily see the different variations of color and thickness available for purchase.

    Jquery product slider developers

    Our responsive web design has helped ParadisePad see a drastic increase in mobile conversions.

    responsive product web design st. louis

    SEO & marketing

    SEO and marketing results

    ParadisePad was our first national SEO and marketing campaign. To make sure we got off to a fast start, with fast results, we spent a great deal of time with our keyword research.

    We were able to determine search metrics for relevant keywords and found many that their competition was not targeting.

    While targeting certain keywords with high search volume like “foam water pads”,  “best foam water pads”, and “foam water rafts” was our top priority, we were able to able to quickly rank high nationally for over 10 keywords that still received a great deal of average monthly searches.

    Our on-site SEO services were more successful for ParadisePad than any of our other clients. Being able to add the right amount of content with the targeted keywords throughout allowed us see see results at an amazingly fast pace.

    Along with our on-site SEO, we also saw tremendous results from our link building services and digital advertising services.

    Our SEO and marketing efforts have driven ParadisePad’s website ahead of some of the biggest companies in the world for organic search traffic in Google. Some of these companies include:

    outranking companies seo

    Along with outranking fortune 500 companies, we have seen a great deal of other successes from our search engine optimization and digital marketing campaigns, including:

    Google ranking for 3 keywords with at least 1,000 monthly searches

    Page ranking for 13 keywords in national search engiens

    Average monthly website visitors during summer months

    Creative & branding

    Client testimonial

    “DELT helped us grow from a local business, selling at a couple of lakes in a few states, to one of the leading manufacturers of water toys in the country. We rank for almost every keyword we can think of and dominate our industry.”

    -Austin Hayden, ParadisePad Founder

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