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    St. Louis, Missouri

    Lawyer web design, SEO, and branding

    McChesney & Ortwerth is one of the most accomplished law firms in Missouri. After a successful 3 month trial period with their divorce and family law branch, we were given the job of rebranding their website and marketing campaign to display their power and success for their personal injury branch.

    McChesney & Ortwerth is a St. Louis law firm that as has practiced personal injury since the early 2000’s. They are two of the most respected lawyers in St. Louis and have earned the highest recognition’s possible.

    About 5 years ago, they hired a large marketing company that handles SEO, web design and advertising for law firms all over the United States. They were paying, lets just say, a ridiculous amount of money for these services.

    While it was nice to have a marketing agency that was specific to their industry, their was also some negatives.

    Their old website’s design was extremely out-of-date and look very identical to many of their competitors. It also lacked many of the necessary responsive attributes that was likely causing them to lose conversions.

    They also saw little to no improvements in the search engine optimization results and failed to move to the first or second pages.

    Up until 2014, McChesney & Ortwerth were strictly personal injury lawyers. When they wanted to add a divorce and family law branch, they contacted DELT for a new, responsive web design and to manage it’s SEO, marketing, and branding. After an extremely successful first 6 months of our services, they gave us the rights to handle the marketing and SEO efforts for their personal injury branch.

    The website

    Timeframe: 3.5 weeks
    Platform/CMS: Bootstrap & custom WordPress development
    Redesign: Yes
    URL: www.gatewayinjurylaw.com

    A website designed to display power and an increased focus on conversions

    McChesney & Ortwerth has won cases worth millions of dollars. We decided, it was vital to market them as a powerful and successful firm. We want their clients to land on their website and instantly be hit with a sense of elegance and power.

    Increasing conversions was of high priority. Keeping their navy and light blue color scheme, we added gold contact forms, buttons, and a fixed “Free Consultation” link to the side of several pages.

    To make sure the website’s page speed was as fast as possible developed a custom Bootstrap HTML, CSS, and JS website that was optimized for speed and search results.

    Our web design had a consistent color scheme that gives a sense of power and professionalism.

    best lawyer web designers St. Louis lawyer web design

    Law firm website design

    We noticed a high percentage of their daily traffic was coming from mobile devices. We put a great deal of time in making sure all of the necessary information was easily accessible in their mobile web design, and the contact forms were easy to access on every screen size.

    Responsive web design st louis

    Full homepage web design

    Best lawyer web designs

    Service page web design

    Attorney web design and development

    Attorney profile pageAttorney profile web design


    SEO & marketing

    Timeframe: 3.5 weeks
    Platform/CMS: Bootstrap & custom WordPress development
    Redesign: Yes
    URL: www.gatewayinjurylaw.com

    Getting SEO and marketing results in one of the most competitive local industries

    Once we completed the web design and development and on-site SEO enhancements we began on ongoing search engine optimization and digital marketing services.

    Before we began our SEO and marketing, they gave us a list of practice areas and keywords that were their top priority in terms of better search engine rankings. Since the majority of their clients are local, we spent a great deal of time on the law firm’s local optimization. We analyzed their industry and did extensive keyword research to bring their local SEO rankings to the next level.

    Our primary goal was to increase their website’s domain authority, and increase local search rankings. To do this we implemented a consistent quality link building campaign and incorporated our blogging services focused on social sharing and engaging readers.

    In order to create brand awareness within the St. Louis area, we ran (and continue to run) several social media marketing and advertising campaigns to help reach their customers.

    Our SEO and marketing efforts has given McChesney & Ortwerth better results then they ever expected. They are set to have their biggest year in company history.

    Increase in Facebook Likes

    Increase in weekly website visits

    Page Google ranking for 74% of targeted keywords

    Creative & branding

    Outlets: Facebook, Google +
    Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator

    Branding and design results

    We helped strengthen the brand and identity of an already established law firm

    When their original marketing and web development agency created their website, they gave them plain business cards and a logo designed with basic serif font. They wanted a enhance their logo’s design, but also make sure their brand was still recognizable.

    We provided McChesney & Ortwerth with several logo sheets with 20-30 logo sketches for them to pick their redesigned logo. Once they had a style they liked, we sent them several more digital logo sheets with different fonts and sizes.

    After several tweaks we finally created their perfect logo. We created several print designs / stationary for things like letterheads, business cards, envelopes, and more.

    As part of our ongoing SEO, marketing and branding services, we also create designs to go with our blogging services. We have researched and designed 3 infographics to increase social sharing as well as designs for several digital ad campaigns.

    The final logo is a simple design that still showed characteristics of their original logo. It is also a design that can be scaled across the necessary print and stationary and font that we then used during our web design & development process.

    Lawyer Logo design st. louis

    We designed and redesigned a lot of their business cards to with their new logo, font, and color scheme.

    Client testimonial

    “We used the same digital marketing agency for our personal injury website for almost 5 years, but the results were just not there. When we started our divorce and family law branch we hired DELT to design us a website and handle our SEO and online marketing tasks. We were so pleased with the results we ended our contract with our current SEO agency early and handed all of our personal injury marketing over to DELT.”

    “We needed a website that worked well on phones and they definitely delivered. Our website looks outstanding and our monthly phone calls are higher than the last three years combined. DELT has truly been a game-changer for our law firm and we continue to recommend them every chance we get.?

    -Brian McChesney, Managing Partner

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